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More Scouts…

Although we aren’t opening a new Troop quiet yet, we are expanding this September to raise the Troop to 6 Patrols, thanks to new helpers coming forward.

Breakfast for the Homeless

Saturday 19th October  Breakfast at the Scout Hut

Saturday saw a hive of activity in the Scout hut with eggs, sausages, pancakes and hot drinks. Tommy and his team did a fantastic job with the most complicated hot chocolate recipe in South Cambridgeshire and Esme and Pandora made more cups of coffee than consumed on you average county camp.

A big thanks also to the Co-op in Shelford who provided a substantial discount on ingredients and to Bakers Butchers for the sausages and bacon.

We raised a total of £433 for Wintercomfort bringing out total raised to over £2000 so well done to all the Scouts involved.

Sailing at Hunts Sailing Club

We were lucky enough to go sailing on what turned out to be a blowy June evening. There were no complaints about not going fast enough….

Coracle Building

After considerable online research we have identified the most unstable boat which is both highly sinkable, unsteerable, prone to capsizing, almost impossible to paddle and not very comfortable.  As such it seemed an ideal project for the evening.

Scuba Diving


A big thank you to Cambridge BSAC club for taking the Scouts on a test dive in March. Fantastic fun and remarkable lack of chatter.



So we have just completed our terms rocket project with the help of Pete from EARS (East Anglia Rocketry Society). We had 18 successful launched and no fatalities.