Winter Camp 2014

Phasels Wood, Herts

This year our really useless Scout Leaders planned a winter camp after several weeks of torrential rain, gale force winds and hail. We all expected that we would arrive to a completely flooded campsite and to be honest we all thought it would be the longest, wettest weekend of our lives. We were therefore really disappointed to be greeted with a gentle breeze and almost entirely clear, sunny weather.

We were first sentenced to the hard labor of unpacking the 1200 litre trailer! We then lost control of the scout leader who were more interested make themselves weak tea than putting up our tents! We were horrified and had no choice but to do it ourselves. A complaint will be sent to the Scout Association.

Winter Camp 2014 - 017 Winter Camp 2014 - 0022014-02-15 11.47.22

At 10:30 we were told to get up from the fire and walk 600 long meters to our activity (the scouts with a shoe size bigger then 5 went ice climbing and all those with a shoe size smaller then 5 went on high ropes).  Which was scarier, Theo with two ice axes or Jude still talking at 30 feet up?

After lunch, potnoodle not poodle (v bad SL joke), the axe skills/chopping wood session resulted in a lot of wood chippings and decimated rather than divided logs. Then we found the oddest box in the back of the cooking tent,  it was full of dead rabbits!! We were then told we were going to skin them, take out their main organs and arteries, put them in a stew, then cook them and eat them. We were once again horrified!

Winter Camp 2014 - 028 Winter Camp 2014 - 034 Winter Camp 2014 - 0402014-02-15 12.45.00

Written by: Jude Crawley


Filmed by: Half the Scouts

Edited by: Kate Crawley